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Discover the Municipality of Grosse Ile, neatly nestled at the eastern end of the Magdalen Islands. Home to the world renowned Old Harry Beach, the Municipality can also boast of its quaint fishing harbour, red rock cliffs, and unspoiled natural beauty. One of the two English-speaking communities of the Islands, Grosse-Ile has a population of approximately 490 people.

Divided into five divisions, the Municipality of Grosse-Ile is spread over much of the East End of the Islands. Grosse Ile, East Cape, and Old Harry are all populated areas of the Municipality, and are located within minutes of one another. Brion Island and Bird Rock, however, are uninhabited islands, removed from the main Island.

 Within the Municipality, there are many interesting sites to explore. The Mine Seleine, a salt mine, sits directly beside Route 199, and facts about the mine can be obtained from the Gateway to the East Interpretation Center, an information portal located only metres from the mine. The Grosse-lle harbour, home to the Cape Dauphin Fishermen’s Cooperative, is located in Grosse-Ile North, and is one of the main centres of activity in the Municipality. In addition, a main point of interest is the East Point National Wildlife Reserve, which stretches easterly from Grosse Ile to Old Harry and is one of the most natural, untouched areas of the Islands. Also found within the Municipality is a combined, elementary and secondary school, a gymnasium, and municipal offices; as well, there are two churches, a fire station, a post office, various businesses, community organizations and cultural museums.

 With a different Island flavour, and interesting and natural surroundings, the Municipality of Grosse Ile is well worth your discovery: It will be a unique and welcoming experience!

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